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Want to pay a lump sum and join until 31 March 2018?


Contact Iain Campbell at Iain will send you an invite via e-mail with full instructions on joining and making payment.




Collect and fill in an application form. These can be found in the clubhouse.


Want to take a monthly membership?


Click on the button below and you will be taken to our ClubSpark page.






The ClubSpark website will lead you through registration, completing the application form and setting up payments.


Contact Iain Campbell at if you need any assistance or have any questions.

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36 Park Avenue

Cheadle Hulme




Find us on a map:



Tennis Coach:

Karen Fisher, 07876 065531


Club Secretary:

Paul Owens, 0161 485 2052


Bowling Secretary:

Gloria Brasted, 0161 485 4146

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Whether you are a beginner or an expert,

young or old, join us for Tennis at your

local club in Cheadle Hulme.


We offer two methods of payment:


Lump Sum – pay a lump sum by cheque or bank transfer, which will provide you with membership until 31 March 2018.


Monthly – payments are made by monthly direct debit via the ClubSpark system.  You may stop payment at any time and cancel your membership. Should you wish to re-join the club within the following 12 months you are required to pay the missing payments.

Subscription Payments

Our All Sports membership packages include Tennis, Bowling, Snooker, Darts and Table Tennis along with full access to the Social events at the Club. Subscription fees are:





Family Household – 2 seniors, unlimited under 18’s

Family Household – 1 senior, unlimited under 18’s

Senior – aged 30+ (born in 1986 or earlier)

Senior – aged 26-29 (born 1987 to 1990)

Senior – aged 18-25 (born 1991 to 1998)

Junior – aged 12-17 (born 1999 to 2004)

Junior – aged under 12 (born during or after 2005)

Lump Sum:

Membership to

31 March 2018




















Note: Juniors under the age of 12 are not permitted to play Bowling or Snooker. Juniors over 12 may apply to the Executive Committee to play Bowling and Snooker – no additional subscription fee will apply.

Other Membership Categories

Our Bowling membership package includes Bowling, Snooker, Darts and Table Tennis along with full access to the Social events at the Club.


Our Parent Tennis with Junior Under12 allows for a parent to play tennis with their Junior (under 12) member child as well as having access to the Snooker, Darts, Table Tennis and Social events at the Club.


Our Indoor Sports & Social membership package includes Snooker, Darts and Table Tennis along with full access to the Social events at the Club.





Bowling with Indoor Sports and Social

Parent playing Tennis with Junior Under 12

Indoor Sports & Social

Lump Sum:

Membership to

31 March 2018












New members of all ages and abilities are very welcome at Ryecroft. This page details our membership categories, subscription rates and how to join.


To compliment our traditional annual memberships, we are delighted to now offer monthly, cancel at any time memberships for all categories, making it even easier for you to  join and play.

Looking For Membership?

How To Join

Click here to sign up for monthly membership A1 - Snooker A1 - Table Tennis A1 - Tennis A1 - Bowling A1 - Darts A1 - Social