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Updated 16 May 2021







As part of Step 3 of the government’s roadmap, we are able to revise our rules for playing sport and socialising in line with the national, LTA and BCGBA guidelines for dealing with the pandemic.


The clubhouse will now be opened a little further for general use.  The clubhouse can be used “as normal” for relaxing, eating, drinking and playing snooker in addition to using the toilets and accessing the light meters.  



The track and trace sheet will have to be completed and a face covering will have to worn inside the clubhouse except when eating and drinking.  The general principle is the rule of 6, or 2 households, as a maximum group size indoors.


The bar will be opened for indoor drinking and relaxing.  Opening times for the summer season are evenings when there is a tennis league match in play (check the club diary page on the website) and Friday evenings from around 8pm.  We still need to set a capacity for the indoor area and in the lounge area this will be 3 groups of 6 if the folding doors are mostly closed, and 5 groups of 6 if the folding doors are open.  Bar customers have to order, eat and drink while remaining seated. Face coverings can be removed for eating and drinking, but will be worn by bar staff when serving drinks.


Good ventilation is also important.  When the bar is in operation we will open the main door and the patio doors and some windows to encourage good air circulation.  At other times we expect the numbers inside the clubhouse will be small and it will be sufficient to keep only the main door open.


The kitchen can be used again, however, due to the limited space we have set a limit of 2 people inside the kitchen at a time.  Again, face coverings must be worn in the kitchen.  Good hygiene is particularly important so please ensure all work surfaces are disinfected before and after use and all cups and plates are properly cleaned in hot water and put away after use.  


Snooker can resume, but advance booking is required through Clubspark system to avoid crowding in the snooker room.  Since there is poor ventilation in this room we are limiting numbers to 4 persons.  Face coverings can be removed to play snooker.


The table tennis table unfortunately remains out of bounds for the time being, as heavy breathing in this area is not desirable and the area may be used for relaxing in a socially distanced manner. We will keep this under review.  


The toilets and changing rooms can now be used to shower and change clothes although we ask members to arrive changed and ready to play to minimise the use of the changing rooms.


The bowling pavilion is open to relax and watch games and shelter from bad weather.  The rule of 6 applies again and a face covering has to be worn inside.


Around the grounds of the club, we are now allowed spectators, subject again to the rule of 6 and effective social distancing.  


Common sense and caution should remain the prevailing thought for all members.  We must continue to regularly use the hand sanitisers provided and disinfect any shared equipment before and after use.  Shaking hands after a game is prohibited.  Social distancing still applies in all areas and members must not gather in groups before or after playing, unless following the clubhouse or bar rules.  





We will be experimenting with a turn up and play arrangement for Sunday morning social tennis, but it is still required that players go straight on court after signing in, and there will be an organiser to ensure smooth changing of partners.  If this proves safe and successful, we will consider further steps.







The bowling season is now well underway and the green is getting quite busy again.  In addition to social bowling, we are now involved in inter-club matches in the Alderley Edge and Cheadle & Gatley leagues.  To help members plan their social bowling activities a full list of league matches is now displayed inside the bowling pavilion and on the club website at this location:



The home matches are also shown on the diary page of the club website at this location


Members without internet access can ask the club secretary, Gill Critchley, to print off a list of all the bowling fixtures.  Please contact Gill on 0161 317 3981.  








We want the club to be a safe and secure environment where all members feel safe to visit and enjoy their sport.  We will be reviewing these measures regularly and will keep you updated as and when we are able to further relax the restrictions.  


Thank you for your co-operation in all these matters.



Dave Collins




16 May 2021.